Project List

Great feature on my website for current clients to track their shoot progress.

As mentioned in the quote the editing time frame is a minimum of 4 - 6 weeks, depending on season this time frame will vary. Sessions will be delivered via a Google Drive link, emailed to the email address the client provided.

The date provided below will be the MAXIMUM expected time, the session images might be delivered earlier :)

For weddings a minimum of 6 - 12 week time frame is required. Weddings will be delivered according to the package chosen.

Commercial Shoots are listed with abbreviations to protect my clients x

Remember, EVERY SINGLE IMAGE receives MY special attention ❤️

Who is next in line?

  1. Quintin & Karin Wedding (expected week 17-23 Jan)
  2. Bernice Family  (expected week 17-23 Jan)
  3. Baby Mary-Jane (expected week 17-23 Jan)
  4. Niel & Nicola engagement (expected week 17-23 Jan)
  5. Baby Monaile (expected week 24-30 Jan)
  6. Darrian Gender Reveal (expected week 24-30 Jan)
  7. Baby Olivia Newborn (expected week 24-30 Jan)
  8. Staline Family (expected week 24-30 Jan)
  9. Ezelle Maternity (expected week 24-30 Jan)
  10. Fredericks Family (expected week 24-30 Jan)
  11. Baby Ashton Newborn (expected week 1-6 Feb)
  12. Vorster Family (expected week 1-6 Feb)
  13. Armand & Adele (expected week 1-6 Feb)
  14. Baby Helene Newborn (expected week 1-6 Feb)
  15. Baby Faith Newborn (expected week 1-6 Feb)
  16. Luhandre Cake Smash (expected week 7-13 Feb)
  17. Baby Therese Newborn (expected week 7-13 Feb)
  18. Crous Familie (expected week 7-13 Feb)
  19. Baby Aaliyah Newborn (ecpected week 7-13 Feb)
  20. Alretha Maternity (expected week 14-20 Feb)
  21. Baby Minke Newborn (expected week 14-20 Feb)
  22. Baby Iyaad (expected week 14-20 Feb)
  23. Tinus & Laurie Wedding (expected week 21-27 Feb)
  24. Lizette Family (expected week 21-27 Feb)
  25. Camelita Family (expected week 21-27 Feb)
  26. Kayla Maternity (expected week 21-27 Feb)