Project List

Great feature on my website for current clients to track their shoot progress.

As mentioned in the quote the editing time frame is a minimum of 4 - 6 weeks, depending on season this time frame will vary. Sessions will be delivered via a Google Drive link, emailed to the email address the client provided.

The date provided below will be the MAXIMUM expected time, the session images might be delivered earlier :)

For weddings a minimum of 6 - 12 week time frame is required. Weddings will be delivered according to the package chosen.

Commercial Shoots are listed with abbreviations to protect my clients x

Remember, EVERY SINGLE IMAGE receives MY special attention ❤️

Who is next in line?

  1. Oaklyn Cake Smash (expected week 4-10 Jul)
  2. Zeenat Maternity (expected week 4-10 Jul)
  3. Carike Maternity (expected week 4-10 Jul)
  4. I will be on leave from 15 - 29 July, my assistant will be processing images for me to finalize upon my return.
  5. The following sessions we will try to process before I'm on leave, otherwise editing will be done during the listed weeks:
  6. Baby Leah (expected week 1 -7 Aug, possibly before 15 Jul)
  7. Creedon Cake Smash (expected week 1-7 Aug, possibly before 15 Jul)
  8. Janson Family (expected week 1-7 Aug, possibly before 15 Jul)
  9. Lee-Anne Maternity (expected week 1-7 Aug, possibly before 15 Jul)
  10. Baby Elissa (expected week 1-7 Aug, possibly before 15 Jul)
  11. Baby Declan (expected week 1-7 Aug)
  12. Commercial Client S (expected week 1-7 Aug)
  13. Commercial Client AT (expected week 1-7 Aug)
  14. Raeesha & Yusrah (expected week 1-7 Aug)
  15. Juanrico & Zane (expected week 1-7 Aug)